Events & Promos

Land of Giants

18 Nov to 31 Dec 2017
(Activities are on weekends and 25 Dec only, unless otherwise stated)

Meet our super-sized wonders this school holiday and explore a world beyond your imagination!

Land of Giants

Step into the land of giants and find yourself surrounded by 20 larger-than-life invertebrates. Spot the Orchid Mantis, Net-Casting spiders and more! Follow the ant trail for different activity pit stops.

Location : Heliconia Valley (Daily)

Little Giant Puppetry Show

You are in for a show! Sit back and enjoy this puppetry performance starring some of our favourite invertebrates.

Time : 12pm & 3pm
Location : Pavilion next to Rainforest Kidzworld

Giants Mascot Meet & Greet

Meet our Dung Beetle (watch out for his ball of poop!) and Lime Butterfly mascots for a photo opportunity.

Time : 10am, 12nn & 3pm
Location : Entrance Plaza

Bug Explorer Trail

Want to be a bug explorer? Set off on an adventure and get to know the amazing abilities of insects. Complete the trail sheet to receive a set of Magic Goggles to spot the masters of disguise.

Location : Singapore Zoo Entrance (Daily)

Crafty Crawly

Get your creativity going with this insect craft activity and create your very own finger puppet, clay fridge magnet and clay figurine.

Time : 10am to 4pm
Location : Rainforest Courtyard

Little Beast Encounters

Meet a different invertebrate during each mystery encounter! It could be a Cave Forest Cockroach, Stick Insect or even a Tarantula.

Time : 11am, 1.30pm & 4pm
Location : Fragile Forest

Sticky Situation Competition

Guess the number of stick insects in a tank and stand a chance to win a Behind-the-Scenes tour at Fragile Forest.

Time : 10am to 4pm
Location : Pavilion next to Rainforest Kidzworld

Bug Buffet Sensory Booth

Engage all your senses and discover the fascinating world of invertebrates. Stare bug-eyed at a giant millipede or try your hand at sorting stick insect eggs from their poo!

Time : 10am to 4pm
Location : Pavilion next to Rainforest Kidzworld

Invertebrate Macro Photography Display

Curious how an insect looks up-close? Spend time to admire these tiny beast and be amazed by intricate details you would otherwise have overlook.

Location : Pavilion next to Rainforest Kidzworld (Daily)

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