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Possessing over 98% of the genetic blueprint of humans, chimpanzees are highly intelligent animals. That is why, our chimpanzee exhibit, modelled after a verdant hillside forest clearing, is equipped with a jungle ‘gymnasium’ for our intelligent primate friends to exercise both body and mind.

A multi-tiered timber platform structure, thoughtfully planted fallen tree trucks and a series of overhanging forest vines create a lofty playland for the chimpanzees to exercise and enjoy.

As part of our efforts to keep our chimpanzees mentally stimulated, their habitat is installed with obstacles and puzzles that engage and challenge these great apes.  After all, they are among the very few species in the animal kingdom capable of using tools.

Get a chance to witness the intelligence of our chimps in action. Observe as our chimps ‘solve’ their man-made termite mound enrichment puzzles by searching for sticks of the right size to get at their honey treat. So, make it a point to stick around and see it for yourself.

If you don’t want to miss these smart apes when they are savouring their treats, do visit this exhibit at the chimpanzee token feeding session at 4.35pm daily.