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Elephants of Asia

Valued for their size and strength, the Asian elephants were once integral to logging but now, ironically, deforestation and poaching have threatened their population in the wild. Our Elephants of Asia exhibit features an architecture fashioned after a Burmese logging camp. Providing unobstructed views of the elephant’s playground, this exhibit is equipped with a number of enrichment devices such as play logs to challenge our elephants physically and to stimulate them mentally.

The impressive demonstration area, with sheltered seating for audiences during showtimes, is fronted by a generous water pool where you might find the elephants taking a dip or playfully showering each other, even between shows!

Meet the ladies

All five of our elephants are female!

Komali – Our current matriarch is a Sri Lankan elephant with prominent pink coloration on her trunk and ears.

Jati – This Malaysian-born elephant loves trumpeting and has the makings of a matriarch with her instinct for settling disputes among other members.

Gambir – Our other Malaysian-born jumbo is quite the artist with her talent for drawing and painting! She is also the most playful.

Intan – An Indonesian-born elephant that loves playing in the water and is quite the catch with her unique ears.

Aprila – Also Indonesian-born, Aprila is Intan’s playmate; the pair is often seen playing chase-me-around with each other.

Skincare – the elephant way

Sometimes you’ll see our giant friends roll about in the mud or take sand showers and may wonder what they are up to. They are in fact covering themselves with cakes of earth to protect their skin from sunburn and insect bites!

Catch our ladies getting down to business and up to mischief at 11.30am and 3.30pm daily (weather permitting) at our Elephants at Work and Play Show. The show ends with a token feeding session, so be sure to stick around for some trunk-touching fun!