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Naked Mole Rat

Curious and cute

Naked mole rats are curious creatures by any standards. As their name suggests, they are completely hairless. They have lips that close behind a prominent pair of front teeth which they use for digging, and their eyes are almost completely blind. A chance to see these animals in the wild is extremely rare; their natural habitat lies in cramped, pitch-dark, oxygen-scarce burrows some six-feet underground in the central region of East Africa.

A bare-all encounter

Our naked mole rat exhibit is one of the largest around. Although just a fraction of the size of their real-life burrow systems in the wild (which can cover up to six football fields), our exhibit features glass-fronted panels that give you a clear view into the subterranean kingdom of these fascinating rodents. Observe these pint-size wonders of nature at work and play and learn a thing or two by reading our educational panels. Little ones who are curious to go a little deeper into the world of naked mole rats can do just that. Crawl into our kid-size naked mole rat burrow, a recreation that helps children imagine a day in a life of these strange and loveable critters.