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Otters are generally very social and playful animals. And that’s why a visit to our two-tiered Asian small-clawed otter exhibit is always ‘otterly’ delightful! Asian small-clawed otters are the smallest of 13 otter species in the world and they can be a noisy bunch. In the wild, they make their homes along rivers and coastal waters.

Our two-tiered exhibit features the outdoor ground level and the indoor underwater- viewing gallery. At the upper deck, you’ll see the otters paddling in the stream and even playing games of ‘tag and chase’ with each other! Venture along a short footpath to the lower exhibit and be treated to a submarine view of these excellent swimmers as they move like acrobats in the water.

While most other species of otters dig their burrows to create subterranean dens, the Asian small-clawed otters build dens and nest chambers under rocks and boulders similar to what you can see at our subterranean exhibit.

Catch the amusing antics of our playful otters during their token feeding session at 2.10pm daily!