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Red River Hogs

Red river hogs live in the rainforests and dense savannahs of western and central Africa. They have coarse, bright red fur, black legs, ear tufts and a stripe of white running down their spines – which makes them the most striking of the 16 species of wild pigs. When you see them in the water, you’ll soon realise that they are excellent swimmers – which is why they live near rivers, lakes and marshes. Red river hogs are social animals, and live in groups called sounders which can consist of up to 20 members. They are omnivorous animals and eat roots, fruits, grasses, bulbs, eggs, small animals, insects and even carrion.

Look closer at the red river hogs and you’ll notice that some have humps or lumps on both sides of their snouts, as well as small, sharp tusks. These are the males, which are called boars and are generally larger than the females, which are called sows. Prick your ears and listen out to the unique sounds they make – like a very melodious bark!

You may see the red river hogs sleeping or lazing by the water during the day; in the wild, they sleep in burrows during the day and hunt at night.