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Sungei Buaya

Spotting crocodiles can be tricky in the wild since they stay submerged a lot, but you can have a complete view of the largest living reptile in our specially designed exhibit. The aquarium-like sheltered viewing gallery, with generous seats, not only exposes the surface level of the forested banks but also the underwater domain of the crocodile. That means visitors can enjoy front row seats watching a whole estuarine crocodile as it lurks unsuspectingly just beneath the water.

Terrapins and giant snakeheads also share the exhibit's waters with these prehistoric predators that are more closely related to birds and dinosaurs than to any reptile in existence today.

The real jaws

Crocodiles have the strongest bite force of all animals, but they cannot chew! Instead they tear chunks of flesh off their victims by spinning and twisting the body. The crocodiles produce large amounts of digestive acid in their stomachs capable of dissolving bones! They also rely on stones which they swallow and store to help grind the food up – talk about guts of steel!

If all this mealtime talk is making you hungry for action, catch our crocodile token feeding session, Sundays only, at 4.45pm.