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Tropical Crops & Orchid Garden

Did you know that you can use cloves instead of mothballs in your wardrobe to ward off pesky insects? Or did you know that a giant Amazon water lily pad can actually take the weight of a one-year-old baby?

Discover all these and more at our Tropical Crops where you can match some of the fruits, vegetables and herbs you see at the supermarket with the ones here growing right out of the ground.

A living classroom for children and adults alike, this reservoir-fronting open air exhibit will take you on a breezy stroll to discover more than 50 species of edible plants including nutmeg, coffee, cocoa, rice padi, passion fruit, water chestnut, bottle and snake gourds.

And make sure you visit the Orchid Garden where you can view our vast collection of orchids, including Singapore’s national flower, Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’. This colourful horticultural display of tropical jewels is especially breathtaking against the backdrop of the Seletar Reservoir, perfect for photography enthusiasts.