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White Tiger

The fairest of them all

White tigers are one of the star attractions at our Zoo because of their rarity and uncommon beauty. With their blue eyes, pink noses, and creamy white fur covered with brown stripes, these giant cats are truly a cat-tivating sight!

Our white tiger habitat is landscaped to resemble a dense jungle clearing. Here, our felines can often be seen strolling about or lounging in the shady spots. The moat separating visitors from the tigers also serves a second purpose as a wet playground since white tigers are one of the few wild cats that love swimming. You may just be lucky enough to catch our white tigers taking a dip in the waters on a hot day!

See, feel, hear, touch, save the tiger

The white tiger exhibit at the Zoo features an interactive centre that puts the world of the tiger within a child’s reach – most of our displays and interactive buttons are low enough for the little ones to press, read, listen to, see and touch.

Learn about Mohan, the first white tiger caught from the wild, the ancestor of all white tigers in existence today. Find out what happened to the last tiger to ever roam the jungles of Singapore and discover why tigers are fast disappearing. As you earn your stripes as a tiger expert, find out how you can save the tiger too by contributing to Singapore Zoo’s tiger conservation efforts.

Watch one of our most exciting token feeding session as our tigers leap up to catch their meaty treats with their 3-inch teeth in mid-air! Check on-site for daily feeding times.