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Farm Animals


Pony & Falabella

Giddy up to the stables and make friends with our ponies and falabellas. Learn about what sets the pony apart from the falabella as you coo over them.

Give your children a treat with a pony ride. It’s their chance to canter along for a mini adventure with our tame steeds. To top this experience off, bring home a photograph as a keepsake.



No farm is complete without goats to serenade guests with their excited bleats. Our gentle horned ones love visitors so much, their babies might even climb up the gates of their den as you pass by!



Who can resist these furry bundles of cuteness? The Pets’ Corner features various species of rabbits that are just too adorable to miss out!


Love our farm animals? Join our free Keeper Encounter sessions! You’ll get to learn a thing or two about grooming our falabellas, have our friendly goats eat out of your hands and snuggle up with our giant rabbits.