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Animal Friends Show

Venue: Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre
Time: 11.00am & 4.00pm (Daily)

Animal Friends Show is weather permitting.

Zoos are only for wild animals? Think again! In this show, domestic animals too get a chance to shine. See them display their abilities as we take this opportunity to showcase the importance of their role in our lives.

A quirky cat-and-mouse caper kicks off this fun-filled show that highlights the special bond between various domestic animals and their dedicated trainers. Watch as an elusive scurry of mice try to outwit the cool cats. Look who can leap from floor to roof in a single bound. Be amazed at how man’s best friend uses his nose to save the day.

The Animal Friends Show has plenty of laughs and reminds us that we can all get along in this world – since even mice, cats and dogs can! Many of our animals were once abandoned pets. Now, they make a difference by inspiring people every day to love and care for all animals with whom we share our forests as well as our homes.

Don’t forget to stay after the show for a chance to have your pictures taken and cuddle up with our adorable stars.