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Elephants at Work and Play Show

Venue: Elephants of Asia
Time: 11.30am & 3.30pm (Daily)

Elephants at Work and Play Show is weather permitting.

Be transported into the heart of the Burmese rainforest for a rare up-close glimpse at the gentle and intelligent elephants. Here, you can see the world’s largest land animals at work and at play with their riders, the mahouts.

Macho beasts at work

Be amazed by the elephants’ incredible feats of strength; these gargantuan beasts can lift and push logs the weight of two grown men! See how they marry intelligence and might to complete herculean tasks of moving giant logs.

Never too big to play

And what awesome elephant show doesn’t have amazing tricks in the trunk? Watch these playful giants as they play dead, ‘steal’ food, and demonstrate their ability to spray far and wide.  Take cover if you plan to take the front and centre seats!

The show ends with a token feeding session, so be sure to stick around for some trunk-touching fun!