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Token Feeding Times

Learn more fascinating facts about many of our animals at their most active – feeding time! Our keepers will provide an informative and entertaining live commentary as you enjoy front and centre views of the chowtime frenzy. For selected exhibits, you will also get a chance to feed the animals yourself (Hint: follow the * below). 

Special Notes

  • Come early if you want a chance to feed the animals as we limit their food supply to avoid overfeeding.
  • Schedules are subject to change. Please look out for changes at the entrance or on notices close to the exhibits.

Morning Feeding Trail

Timings Exhibit
9.15am Elephant*
10.30am Otter
10.45am Giraffe*
11.00am Primate Kingdom (Starts at Black Howler Monkey)
11.30am Naked Mole Rat
11.30am Goat*
(Rainforest Kidzworld)
Giraffe feeding

Afternoon Feeding Trail 1

Timings Exhibit
1.15pm White Rhinoceros*
1.25pm African Lion
1.30pm Meerkat and Warthog
1.40pm African Painted Dog
1.50pm Giraffe*
2.10pm Otter
2.30pm Pygmy Hippo
Rhinoceros feeding

Afternoon Feeding Trail 2

Timings Exhibit
3.45pm Giraffe*
4.15pm Proboscis Monkey
(SPH Foundation Conservation Centre)
4.30pm Mandrill
4.35pm Chimpanzee

Other Token Feeding Sessions

Timings Exhibit
Frozen Tundra
White Tiger
Treetops Trail
11.00am Free-Ranging Orang Utan Island
11.30am Proboscis Monkey
(Rainforest Walk)
1.15pm Giant Tortoise
1.30pm Elephant*
1.40pm Gibbon Island
2.00pm Primate Kingdom (Starts at Black Howler Monkey)
2.15pm King Cobra (Only on Sundays)
2.30pm Hamadryas Baboon*
3.30pm Free- Ranging Orang Utan Island
3.30pm Goat*
(Rainforest Kidzworld)
4.30pm Free-Ranging Orang Utan Boardwalk
4.30pm Elephant*
4.45pm Crocodile (Sungei Buaya)
(Only on Sundays)
5.00pm Hamadryas Baboon*

Token feeding sessions are weather permitting.
Sessions in green are not available on 5 Jun, 3 Jul, 7 Aug, 4 Sept, 2 Oct, 6 Nov, 4 Dec 2017.

* You can purchase food on-site to feed the animals.