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Not known to many, rhinos are critically endangered due to excessive poaching for their horns.

Today, only 29,000 wild rhinos remain.

How can one expect those, who don’t know about these amazing animals & the plight they are in, to lend a hand to the rhinos?

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MYTH #1:

The Rhino horn is cut without harming the animal

Busted! In some cases the horn along with half of the rhino’s face is cut off when the rhino is still alive, leaving it to suffer a long, slow and painful death.

MYTH #2:

Rhino horn is regarded only as a medicinal cure

Busted! Rhino horn has become a luxury item, a status symbol, an indicator of wealth, even as a “hangover cure” after excessive alcohol consumption by the affluent.

MYTH #3:

Rhino horn can be beneficial to human health or cure illnesses

Busted! Rhino horn is made of keratin, the exact same chemical compound as our finger & toe nails. There are no medical benefits of consuming rhino horn & the use of it as a medicinal ingredient is legally prohibited in most traditional medicine practices.

MYTH #4:

Rhino horn trade is already illegal in Singapore so there is nothing more that Singaporeans can do

Busted! Wildlife traders do use Singapore to transport illegal wildlife products into & across South East Asia. Singaporeans can help to stop the demand for rhino horn by being aware & spreading the knowledge about the rhino horn trade & the plight of rhinos.